Church Index is here to serve you! Today’s online church environment cannot adequately provide what Jesus desires for us to experience in fellowship and community with His family on earth. It is for that reason we desire to see people engaged with a local fellowship; we designed this website to help the church accomplish this purpose.

Church Index is a ministry with a vision for linking people in search of a church to a supportive community of believers and for facilitating connections with churches that are more isolated. There are many ministries, churches, and individuals who receive continuous requests from people who are looking for a church that is faithful to the teachings of Jesus. Our mission is to create and maintain a public database of Anabaptist and similar churches from around the world who strive to live out the teachings of the New Testament and who recognize other churches with similar faith and practice, as being part of the church of Jesus.

In this interview, Strength to Strength (Sam Baer and Bryant Martin) interview representatives of Church Index (Darvin Martin and David Miller).
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Click here to learn more about the churches included on this map, and suggest churches to be added to the listing. If you are uncertain whether you meet this criteria, please go ahead and submit your church suggestion and leave us a note explaining your situation. Each suggestion will be reviewed by the Church Index administrators and will be added at their discretion.

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How do I correct inaccurate information?

On the map, select the pertinent church, click More Info, and then Suggest Edits at the top of the page. Each suggestion will be reviewed by the Church Index administrators and will be added at their discretion.

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How do I embed this map on my website?

If you would like to have the church index map embedded on the website of your church or ministry, please contact us for instructions.

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How do I contribute to this effort?

This service is made financially possible by freewill contributions to cover the expenses. Please consider making an online contribution.

Church Index wishes to acknowledge data contributed from Christian Light Publications, Cory Anderson,, and Christian Aid Ministries.

Church Index administrative team: Glenn Martin, Darvin Martin, Ernest Eby, and David Miller.